Quality Systems

As Siteplus, we aim to enhance our management system consistently with our educated and innovative staff in order to give most appropriate service to our dear costumers. For this purpose, our Quality Management System has been composed by identifying procedures of all processes of our service as per ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems standard. This system was registered by TS EN ISO Quality Management System document.

We not only care about composing Quality Management System, but also performing the system effectively and improving consistently. We conduct the control mechanism of Plan, Do, Check, Act approach with our educated internal auditors.

We believe to improve and apply Quality Management System consistently for achieving the goal that we update in every year.


Occupational Health and Safety Management System


Siteplus provides the work safety of our personnels and visitors as part of adopted Quality values by including OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Applicability of our Occupational Health and Safety Management System that we included in our Total Management System was registered with TS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems documentary.

Our main goal is making real of our Zero Accident Policy with Occupational Health and Safety Management System, conducted by Quality Department and HSE Department coordinately.


Environmental Management System


As Siteplus, we composed the Environmental Management System so as to make real more habitable and green and healthy environment and we provide planned procedures and processes of the system.

Our system with environmental consciousness has been registered by TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.


Information Technology – Security Techniques – Information Security Management System


We created the Information Security Management System on the purpose of protecting information secrecy of our customers and abolishing possible risks. This system was registered with TS ISO/IEC 27001 Information Technology-Security Techniques-Information Security Management Systems document including in our Total Management System.

All informations of our customers, business partners and our personnels are conserved with applications of related standards and secrecy of them are controlled by regular audits.

Quality Policy

In line with the needs of ISO 9001: 2008 standard and as part of 5188 numbered Private Security Services law;

  • produce highest level security service to our customers.
  • reach broader customer portfolio in the field of specialization in security field.
  • indigenise following and meeting customers’ current and future needs at the higher level, is the key to reach company goals.
  • meet the customer expectations into Quality Management System.
  • enhance and improve Quality Management System consistently.
  • Alongside the customer satisfaction, adopt its personnel as a partner by providing their education and satisfaction.


Occupational Health and Safety

Meeting and sustaining of the occupational health and security of SİTEPLUS Co. personnels and visitors are significant points of company values. SİTEPLUS Co. is decisive about reaching the best occupational health and security perfomance, improving true work safety behaviours, avoiding injuries and breakdowns and providing awareness of occupational health and security. In the direction of that stability and dependence, SİTEPLUS Co. promises;

  • adapt all necessities in all places and carry out current occupational health and security legislation,
  • determine all significant emergencies in workplace and take the risks under control appropriately, generating from that emergencies,
  • provide safe work environment and apply safe work methods as to protect workers from dangers generating the nature of the system,
  • compose and improve effective business relationships with related corporations,
  • apply occupational health and security rules in order to compose a proactive and attender security culture,
  • recover consistent occupational health and security performance in all fields and in this context compose occupational health and security objectives, give place to measurable occupational health and security objectives and action plans in personal incentive regulations,
  • Employees are committed to engaging in constructive work in the direction of feedback received from the workplaces and business associations where we serve, and to ensure transparency and sustainable communication principles at these stages.
  • committed to adequate planning and preparation for emergency situations and situations requiring crisis management.
  • undertake to develop a culture of work safety that encourages participation to prevent accidents that may occur in the future and to ensure that all events are reported with the purpose of examination and lessoning.
  • commit to implement and share good practices and safety lessons in all our workplaces where we offer services.
  • committ to clearly and sincerely communicate this policy to all relevant business and persons and to ensure that the goal of occupational health and safety is the ZERO ACCIDENT policy.

Environmental Policy


  • being sensitive to the environment
  • developing an awareness of their responsibilities
  • never compromising from the ethical values
  • and a service journey that never harms and protects the environment beside all legal requirements

Information Security Policy

In our company, within the scope of establishing Information Security Management System related to Sales Services of Computer, software, electronic and telecommunication equipment and other office equipments;

  • to protect the  information of our customers and to ensure compliance with the standard and legal regulations
  • to provide the necessary resources for the necessary hardware, software, training and other controls to reduce information security risks and ensure its continuity
  • to provide awareness, training and encouragement to ensure that our employees have access to and comply with the information security system, which requires a holistic approach to information security.
  • to control the efficiency of the ISMS through internal and external audits, to monitor, to adapt the system, and to improve continuously.

Health and Sanitation Policy

  • To obtain self services for human health,
  • To give customers confidence in hygiene and sanitation,
  • To provide healthy working environment,
  • To leave the competition in the sector by providing solutions aimed to protect the health of the community with the services it provides.

Ufuk Coşkun

Chairman Of Board