Cleaning Services

  • Indoor cleaning
  • Full time cleaning service
  • Industrial Facility Cleaning Service
  • Organizations Cleaning Service
  • End-Of-Construction Cleaning Service
  • General Cleaning Services
  • Exterior Cleaning Service
  • On-Site Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Housekeeping
  • Environment Cleaning Services

Security Services

  • Armed and Unarmed Physical Security Services
  • Facility Security Consultancy Service
  • Risk Analysis
  • Fire Safety
  • Security Technology Applications
  • VIP Protection Service
  • Advanced Driving Techniques
  • Anti-Terror Techniques
  • Independent Security Inspectorship
  • Organization Securities

Alarm Monitoring Center

Our alarm monitoring center ensures remote-monitoring, protection and safety of the security panels incidental to subscribers (residence, site, workplace, factory/facility) with the help of phonelines and cameras, on the basis of 7/24.

Our alarm monitoring center has the Certificate Of Alarm Monitoring Center Establishment and Operational Competency, received from Governorship Of Ankara in accordance with Article 5 of the Private Security Law No: 5188 and Article 23 of this law.

Our center has a technical infrastructure, compatible with the alarm systems.

The secrecy is a basis to subscriber information.

Site and Business Towers Management

In our day, sites and business centers need management staffs who can carry their own brands and have the potential to meet their needs for many services such as management, cleaning, security, technical maintenance, social facilities and fitness operations, and legal and financial consulting. SİTEPLUS has become a “solution partner” for those who want a safe and comfortable life by combining with the quality of service that they offer in these service areas.

  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Technique
  • Accounting
  • Social Domain and Fitness Managership

Housekeeping Services

Site Plus creates cleaning support teams that allow you to have your special time with daily, weekly or hourly services

  • Providing daily room cleaning and laundry support services for the executive and staff private living spaces
  • Providing routine controls, layouts and cleanings of common living spaces and common areas
  • Daily cleaning of management offices
  • Ventilation of chambers and collection of wastes
  • Routine inspections and intervening emergency situations

Catering Services

Siteplus food engineers and dietitians are working for you. Enjoy your meal

  • On-Site Food Production Service
  • Organizations Food and Presentation Services
  • Drink Preparation, Service and Presentation
  • Transportation of Food to Working and Production Areas with Proper Vehicles and Equipment

Laundry Services

  • Establishment of Laundry, Barcode Tracking and Information System
  • Washing Personal Clothes and Establishing a Proper Personal String Bag System
  • Collection and washing of all furnishings belonging to the institution
  • Washing, Ironing and Distribution of Personnel Uniform and Worker Clothes
  • Implementation of Dry Cleaning Services

Pest Control Services

  • Indoor and Outdoor Pesticide Service
  • Fighting Against Rodents and Reptiles
  • Pest Controlling

Garden Care and Landscape Services

  • Garden Care and Landscape Services
  • Landscape Planning Service
  • Green-field Care Services

Waste Management Services

  • Waste Management and Hazardous Waste Consulting Services
  • Resource Reduction / Prevention Services
  • Recovery Services
  • Recycling Services
  • Decontamination Services
  • Removing Services

Facility Security Clearence Consulting

Companies need consulting for the National and NATO Facilities Safety Certification. We will be pleased to serve you with our expert team in terms of how to make applications, how to obtain person security documents, how to prepare the Facility Private Security Handbook, what is required in terms of physical and documentation in terms of the required conditions related to the Facility Security Clearance.

  • Facility Security Clearance (FSC)
  • Individual Security Certificate (ISC)
  • Production Receipt Of Permission (PRP)
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Technical Operation and Maintenance / Repairment Services

Before the beginning of the management services of the related project; we make technical determinations, identify technical volumes and equipment, and create periodic maintenance tables. Outsourcing technical maintenance services to be done by our employed personnel is being determined. All maintenance processes and checks are reported monthly to the management board.

  • Employment of specialized technical personnel,
  • Reporting of detection of project technical failures,
  • Making necessary technical interventions in case of emergency and necessity technical issues, if required making contact with authorized technical service,
  • Following up periodic maintenance and service to be purchased from the third parties, preserving and checking of maintenance forms,
  • Preparation of documentation on all technical service scopes and their results,
  • Carrying up the necessary follow-up works on technical equipments and systems for guarantee and work under insurance for machinery problems.

Payrolling / Support Services Staff Procurement

In many countries around the world, payroll management is outsourced. With this system, which is becoming widespread in our country, companies are making profits by saving both time and energy. As Siteplus, our primary goal is to save companies from the cost of additional staffing in temporary or project-based staffing requirements, thereby requiring them to employ permanent staff for payroll operations and thus to work more efficiently by focusing on their main activities. In doing so, we aim to reach the human resource needed quickly and reliably, to receive quality service with experienced personnel and consequently to increase the competitive power depending on the cost advantage.

  • You have the most accurate calculations in the light of current legislation.
  • You find quick common solutions for your questions and will get a quick reaction to the solution.
  • You can devote more time to your HR processes by devoting some of your workload to us.
  • You get continuity and order in your billing processes.
  • You do not have to pay extra staff.
  • When you go to an advantageous position in a global competitive environment, you save money at your expense.
  • You can focus more on your goals.
  • You do not have to spend money on annual contracts, such as software, hardware, maintenance and repair.
  • Incentives are a matter that every firm wants to achieve, but it is difficult to dare. But with the help of Siteplus Payroll Services, the government incentives related to SSI are a fearful dream